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About Us


Marie Bikinis is founded, directed, and hand drawn by Audrey Marie Dexter. In July 2020, the midst of our Covid-19 pandemic, Audrey and her friend Tamzen Lim cultivated the idea of starting their own bikini business while surfing. They hoped to create wear everywhere, comfortable swimwear that would allow all women wearing their pieces to feel confident. A month later both friends came to the agreement that they were not fit to run what would have been Natur Swim together and prioritized their friendship. While Tamzen decided to go down another path, chasing after different dreams, Audrey still wanted to start her own business. By the end of 2020 Audrey drafted her first line of Marie Bikinis. 


At 15 years old, Audrey had a long ways to go in starting her own business. Which fabrics to use, how to draw patterns, and how to advertise her swimwear was all mystery at the time. With lots of research and help from friends and family, Marie Bikinis started to come together.

By June 2021, the first mass production for Marie Bikinis was complete; and after a whole year, Marie Bikinis launched its first line on July 8, 2021. Although Audrey is still new to the business world and has a lot to learn, each swimwear line is designed with love and each suit is sent to our customers with love from Marie Bikinis. 



When you wear your Marie Bikini, I hope you look in the mirror and feel confident, powerful, and happy :)  


                                             Audrey Marie Dexter



All photos are taken by Marie bikinis' amazing photographer Kohia! 

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